The votes have been counted and Woodlawn has won the prestigious Curbed Cup for 2016.

Long seen as an underdog in the competition, Woodlawn battled against sixteen other Chicago neighborhoods for the prestigious honor of being crowned Chicago’s neighborhood of the year for 2016. The victory for Woodlawn has reinforced the trending idea that many of Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods are rapidly becoming highly desirable to new millennial buyers and savvy investors. With Pullman earning the crown in 2015, it appears that historical favorites like Lincoln Park and Lakeview will face strong competition in the future.

“The win this year is a testament to the strength of the community and the awareness and desire to spread the good word about this hidden gem,” said Hasani Steele, commenting on the victory. “SCG has always been a big believer in this neighborhood and have worked really hard to bring quality development to the area. We are thrilled that people have begun to take notice,”  This win for Woodlawn will certainly help drive what is already set to be a huge year for the neighborhood. The reconstruction of Christ the King Cathedral and the future construction of the Obama Presidential Center will undoubtedly boost property value and tourism influx into the Woodlawn neighborhood.

Read the full story at Curbed Chicago’s Website and check out the Cup Bracket below.

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Curbed Chicago Bracket

Featured image courtesy of The Chicago Neighborhoods