WOODLAWN- Crews are racing to restore Shrine of Christ the King before winter after a fire gutted the church last October according to Curbed Chicago.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced the church, 6401 South Woodlawn, would be restored after Woodlawn residents rallied behind the historic building. The neighborhood group Coalition to Save the Shrine has raised $1 million for the first part of the restoration, and hopes to have a new roof and windows up before the winter.

Here are some fast facts on this South Side architectural gem and community cornerstone.

• Designed by church architect Henry Schlacks in 1923
• A fire destroyed the church’s interior in 1976
• Francis Cardinal George entrusts the building to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
• The Institute took over the church in 2004
• A fire broke out in October 2015 during its $6 million renovation
• Today the church is clearing rubble in phase one of restoration project