Steele Consulting Group took home a record number of Good Neighbor Awards in a spring Realtor ceremony that recognizes rehabbed properties that have revitalized local communities. The Chicago Association of REALTORS awarded the real estate consulting agency 13 out of the 34 Good Neighbor Awards granted at the ceremony, as well as two Honorable Mentions. Steele Inc. CEO Hasani Steele provides consulting services from conception and design through finishes and sales. Steele Inc.’s strong showing at the spring awards ceremony has strengthened the reputation of the company’s SC Integrity-branded homes. In February, RE/MAX Northern Illinois recognized team leader Steele as the top revenue producing RE/MAX agent in the region. “The community and the Chicago Association of REALTORS can appreciate the quality of beautiful restoration properties,” Steele said. “We inspire other buyers and real estate agents to become believers in the recovery of the real estate market.”


As a visionary, innovator and entrepreneur, Steele has focused his efforts on rehabilitating homes on Chicago’s South Side in his belief that buyers will pay more for quality homes. Steele has turned around blighted properties into attractive residences with modern finishes, and has maintained the historical essence of landmark properties. Steele’s award-winning properties include new construction projects such as the Giles Quad Mini Mansions on 3438 S Giles Ave. The five-bedroom Lincoln Park-inspired mini mansions recently closed. Steele’s collaborative approach toward redeveloping homes has quadrupled his consulting agency’s sales revenues since 2011. RE/MAX will feature Hasani Steele as a top real estate agent in a summer magazine release.

“We are really excited. The record number of Good Neighbor Awards attests to the many seeds of opportunities our team has nurtured and turned into quality real estate that is selling,” Steele said.

Below is a list of our GNA recipients: