“U.S. homebuilding rebounded more than expected in December as a strengthening economy boosts demand” – Reuters

After years of turbulence and pessimism in the housing market, it appears that the market is beginning to recapture some of its former glory. Housing starts have jumped 11.3% to an annual rate of 1.23 million units last month and new projects increased by 4.9% to 1.17 million in 2016, indicating that savvy investors and property developers are optimistic and hopeful about the future of the market. Amidst the incoming Trump Administration and his promise to deregulate the industry, many developers are seizing the opportunity to begin new projects. “A survey on Wednesday showed homebuilders’ confidence easing slightly in January, but remaining not far from levels last seen in July 2005,” according to Reuters.

“At Steele Consulting, we are really excited that the media is reporting on this. It confirms that our market predictions were right. We look forward to continued investment in the Chicagoland area.” – Hasani Steele

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