“According to a Consumer Insight Survey of more than 20,000 home shoppers, 45% of pet owners indicate that they treat their pets like royalty” – John Burns

To many of us, our pets are part of the family. And when it comes to ensuring our pets are happy in a new home, many of us spare no expense. It’s no surprise then, that in recent years, many new homeowners and developers have begun designing new properties with the family pet in mind. We designate space in our home for our children and guests, so why not do the same for our pets?

‘Pet Suites’ have become a hot new commodity in recent years, trending in many interior design magazines as the new must-have for any animal lover. Steele Consulting Group has noticed that many new clients consider their pets in their property development projects and home buying decisions. Clients want comfortable and relaxing areas designated for their pets to sleep and many also want grooming areas in a mudrooms or kitchen. One of our favorite ideas is transforming the under-stairs area of your home into a pet suite. Many people don’t utilize this space in their home, making this idea a perfect addition. A grooming parlor in the laundry room or mudroom is also a great way to make your home stand out if the time ever comes to sell.

Buyers love to see innovation and something different in such a competitive housing market. These ideas add a unique flare that allows your home to stand out from other properties. According to research, the average client investing in a pet suite for their home spends between $1,500 and $16,000. While this is not a low-cost endeavor, we see it as a unique investment while also ensuring your pet is happy in their new surroundings.

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