Walk along the new South Side lakefront trail and you may run into a hive that looks like Frodo Baggin’s dwelling in Lord of the Rings.

However, these dome-shaped structures woven from willow branches weren’t made for dwarfs, but for butterflies and birds. Artists commissioned by the Field Museum and park district created wildlife sanctuaries, which range from a couch-like structure to a West African-inspired bird statue.

Nature sanctuaries can also be incorporated into urban areas, according to Hasani Steele of RE/MAX Premier Properties. The Steele Consulting Group will focus more on landscaping in restorations, bringing homeowners closer to nature.

The trail extends from McCormick Boulevard to 47th Street and was opened to the public on June 18. Between the Canadian National Railroad tracks and Lake Shore Drive, the trail helps restore resting areas for migratory birds along the western shore of Lake Michigan.

“Our urban areas can be a host to an array of migratory birds & butterflies,” said Steele. “The Steele Consulting Group is making a conscious effort to have a balanced perspective when planning our restorations.”

Steele Consulting Group works with developers to provide real estate services from conception/design and development to pre-sales. They strive to be experts on understanding what buyers want and effectively bring these desires to market.