A traditional bungalow’s transformation into an modern, SC Integrity home has inspired other homeowners to follow suit in the Beverly Neighborhood.

The brick, one story home at 1716 Beverly Glen Parkway was foreclosed when the developer bought it and added a second story with a master suite, two additional bedrooms and attic with storage. What had been a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unfinished home became a five bedroom, four bathroom home.

Capricorn Development Inc. was the general contractor for the home, project manager Jola Whipple said. The general contractor has built another home at 4058 S Lake Park Ave. that RE/MAX agent and Steele Consulting Group CEO Hasani Steele has listed.

The home had been a bargain with nearly 4,000 square feet for under half a million dollars said Tim Volk, the developer for Teto Tack and Feed LLC.  But appraisers still struggled to find additional sales comparables at the time due to the slow down of construction during the market downturn. This home paved the way for others and was a catalyst for other developers to bring more new construction coming out of the market slump.

The amount of effort expended to modernize the home ensured the home would become the highest selling comp in the area. A month after the developer built a second story floor on the home, the next door neighbors to the development decided to add a second story to their home.

“In Beverly you typically wouldn’t have that high level scope of work especially during the economic slump,” Steele said. “It is good for other investors who were on the fence about buying foreclosed homes. This home set the bar for sales price and opened the doors for others to follow.”

Steele entered the home remodeling process during its framing stage and offered consulting services by picking out bathroom and kitchen finishes and selling the home earlier this year.

“Hasani gives us great insight as what buyers look for and helps find the right layout of the house that buyers like,” Volk said.

Among the furnishings Steele helped choose were a double vanity set in the master bathroom, white marble tile with traditional mosaics, stainless steel Bosch kitchen appliances in the gourmet kitchen, stainless back splash, linen white kitchen cabinets, and a theater room inside the basement. The single family home has a fireplace in the living room and a spacious hardwood floor layout brightened by a row of gaping windows. Steele worked with the developer to pick out hanging lamps that restored a traditional touch to the home and complemented modern touches such as the family room’s coffered ceilings.

Inside the master bedroom on the second floor, an alcove provides sitting space and a breathtaking view of the Beverly neighborhood. An antiquated heating system at 1716 Beverly Glen Parkway, which Steele said is prevalent in many Beverly homes, was replaced with a dual furnace system.

The home is located east of the CTA train tracks and is within a few miles from Sutherland Elementary School.

“It made a very livable house for a modern family and it had a lot of value for the finishes and features of the house,” Volk said. “Families want more bedrooms and living space and some of the comforts of a modern home.”