Hasani Steele, Steele Consulting Group, Dearborn, RE/MAX Northern Illinois,
Hasani Steele was named top revenue producing agent in the 37th annual RE/MAX Northern Illinois awards ceremony

Real estate entrepreneur, visionary and innovator Hasani Steele was recognized as the top revenue producing broker in Northern Illinois.

More than 600 people attended the RE/MAX Northern Illinois award ceremony on Feb. 21, said Jim Merrion, regional director of RE/MAX Northern Illinois. The CEO of Steele Consulting Group  was among an exclusive group of real estate agents who surpassed expectations in the market. The Northern Illinois regional agency includes 2,000 sales associates.

Hasani has also recently been named the top 37th RE/MAX agent nationwide and 89th worldwide.

“It gives you a little boost of confidence to know at least you’re on the right path and your judgment is correct,” Steele said after receiving the award. “I am going to continue to pursue my passion by helping our clients set and reach goals, change neighborhoods, and help people achieve home ownership

“I really enjoy solving problems and helping people find the perfect buyer for their properties.”

As a real estate agent at RE/MAX Premier Properties, 1205-07 N Dearborn, Steele provides consulting services for developers and investors from conception, design, construction, pre-sales through delivery. Hasani’s attention to detail, patience with clients and passion for real estate allows him to excel in a competitive environment, said Merrion.

“Hasani passed every other individual to become the number one individual in the RE/MAX Northern Illinois region this year. So that’s extremely special and our folks are extremely competitive,” Merrion said. “He distinguished himself from the rest of them by creating something the others didn’t have.”

Hasani has uncovered opportunities to collaborate on innovative developments with developers, Merrion said.  Hasani applies his Northwestern University degree in computer engineering by designing attractive floor plans at affordable prices.

“He doesn’t sleep. I mean the guy, probably, I would predict that he sleeps four hours a night,” Corley said. “He’s very focused on making sure he satisfies his clients, and he’s very focused on delivering a product that is a quality product.”

Hasani leads a team of real estate consultants who effectively meet the needs of clients, Steele Consulting Group consultant Alicia Nsemo said. The award ceremony marked her one-year working anniversary, over the period of which she said Hasani has mentored her on different aspects of the real estate market.

“I would say Hasani has a very personal relationship with his clients,” Nsemo said. “He’s the guy that’s there at the drop of the hat.”

After joining  RE/MAX in 2012, Hasani found a mentor in RE/MAX Premier Properties CEO Janice Corley who helped him establish his consulting group.

“There’s an old saying that the best salesperson is the one who listens, and Hasani listens and he really takes notes,” Corley said. “He really follows through with what is being coached to him.”

Hasani said he uses a diplomatic approach toward closing transactions. He works with investors, buyers and sellers to create “win-win” situations whether it’s restoring dilapidated properties, reselling homes or persuading people to invest in developments.

To broker an agreement that satisfies buyers and sellers, one must have strong leadership qualities, Hasani said.

 “Every transaction has at least 25 instances at any point in time for a deal to come to a halt,” Hasani said. “Completing real estate transactions in today’s market requires you to have a relentless mindset to find joy and excitement in resolving problems to the very end,” he said.