“This neutral hue can look different room to room, hour by hour” – Architectural Digest

Grey interior design has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. With white being the predictable neutral option, many home buyers want something different. This is where grey tones fit perfectly. Grey is a safer option for anyone not wanting to resort to white, without having to pick a non-neutral color that may not be to everyones taste. According to Architectural Digest, grey imbues rooms with a subtle sophistication. And, with so many shades of grey available to consumers, Steele Consulting Group suspects that grey is here to stay.

So where to start when choosing the perfect shade for your home? Kate Watson-Smyth notes, “Never mind 50 shades—the human eye can, it’s been claimed, detect more than 500. To find the best shade, you need to consider which direction your room faces, what time of day you will be in there, the prevailing weather (even the hemisphere makes a difference), and last of all (in fact, let’s be honest, least of all) the actual shade you like”. We couldn’t agree more. Steele Consulting Group has been designing homes with a grey interior aesthetic for the past three years. We saw the potential for this shade before its trending days and believe that grey certainly will outlast its trending status.

“We’ve long appreciated what grey offers aesthetically and have been incorporating the color in various hues on many projects we’ve consulted in the last few years across multiple neighborhoods. It provides an elegant background for details of a home to really shine – whether that’s fixtures, furniture, or other elements. It’s exciting to see color palettes of interior design expanding more in real estate construction” (Christian Volpe, Steele Consulting Group)

A future interior classic? We certainly think so.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Steele Consulting Group; photo credit Chicago Home Photos.