According to Crain’s Chicago, Chance the Rapper has just been appointed as the newest board member for the DuSable Museum. The DuSable Museum, which specializes in African American history is located in Chicago’s Washington Park. Chance joins eight new board members which include Dr. Eric Whitaker, a close friend of President Obama. The CEO of the Museum, Perri Irmer hopes to boost traffic at the Museum in anticipation for the new Obama Presidential Center. Whitaker also has big plans for the museum highlighting that he has complied over thirty individuals to drive the museum forward. Chance and Whitaker add some much needed ‘star power’ to the museum. “We need a museum in Chicago that will tell the African-American narrative and our contributions to this country,” exclaimed Whitaker.

“The truth about Woodlawn is that it is starting to make its way into mainstream media. Its really encouraging. From a very early time frame back in 2007, I knew the potential that this area had and I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching the goodness of Woodlawn making it into mainstream media. In this area, there are so many amazing things to discover.” – Hasani Steele

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Featured image courtesy of Time Out Chicago