In recent years, the scale of production though 3D printing has steadily increased, and now it is possible to apply this technology to home construction. In Russia, there is now a 3D printer that can create 400 square foot homes for slightly over $10,000.”Like other industries in this age of acceleration, homebuilding is evolving.  Will future homes in Chicago utilize 3D printing or some other form of technology? It is imperative to stay abreast of developments that will help us build tomorrow’s homes,” said David Fleishman, a real estate investor and SCG client.

The main structure of the home is printed using concrete with windows, fixtures, furniture and paint being added after initial printing. The company responsible, APIS COR, claim the homes can last 175 years and are highly durable. “Here at SCG, we find innovative ways to efficiently build quality housing in emerging neighborhoods with limited resources. Although we would not 3D print a home, we might be able to use this technology for other components that normally would take much longer to source and install,” noted Hasani Steele.

So will this technology shake up the industry? Not yet.

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